Internal day: June 2021

Author - Jodi Norris

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Date posted 1st Jul 2021

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As the wider 93digital team settled into internal day in June, objectives were set out and shared on Friday morning.

Each team member outlined what they would be working on and what they hope to achieve, with the key focus away from client projects, and on finding efficiencies and improving our own internal processes at 93digital. 

Project Managers 

Abi and Hollie spent the day working on and updating our support and maintenance guide. The idea being to revamp it and further define the key processes within. The day ended with lots more documentation including flow charts and diagrams.

This will form a part of the onboarding processes for our newest starter in the project management team, Joss, who will be joining us on the 5th of July.

Our Senior Project Manager Roz used the internal day to finish her article, which includes a client collaboration diving in to discuss “What makes a great website project?” Alongside creative writing, Roz also spent time getting everything organised and ready for the arrival of Joss.  


Much of our WordPress development team carried on working on plugins that were started during the May internal day or before. The focus being on creating and improving WordPress plugins, like the “the typing effect” that the 93digital developers have created previously adding to the open source WordPress community and sharing the plugin freely and publicly. 

Ahmad was working on the “login” plugin, getting the “login” and the “registrations” functionality working by the end of the day, with one more part of the plugin left to build before the full thing is ready for use. 

Andrew used the day to write up the last of his three part series blog post on the Core Web Vitals update, previously having talked about CLS and LCP with only FID left – so watch this space for the final piece coming soon.

In addition to that, Andrew also focused on pushing some more codes to the new Luna theme, to create a more up-to-date version going forward. 

As well as finishing his article on “How to set up a multisite”, Ibon used the day to work on his plugin, which looks at user permissions in WordPress, allowing key users to hide items for other users within WordPress. 

This internal day also marked the last day for our WordPress Developer Jafar, who used it to focus on final handover documents, and saying goodbye to the 93digital team – best of luck in your new ventures Jafar!

Mujeeb and Vic also used the day to carry on working on their plugins. Adding the final touches and very excited about the novelty features the plugins will have – we’re looking forward to seeing the results!


The 93digital designers focused on finishing off some of their articles, with a focus on best practice in UX, design and brand.

In particular, alongside her past articles focusing on UI design systems, and planning user journeys into your website, this time, Fenella decided to address stock images and how they affect your website. Watch out for the article coming to our WordPress blog in the next few weeks!

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