Internal day: May 2021

Author - Jodi Norris

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Date posted 1st Jun 2021

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Summer is here and the 93digital team is ready for a summer season of designing and developing sizzling digital platforms. In preparation for the exciting projects ahead, we set aside a day in May to continue to find efficiencies and improve our internal processes.

Each month, the entire 93digital team gets involved in an internal training day to advance our ways of working. Whether it be building WordPress plugins to give clients even more flexibility, or learning about new tools we can use to make our communication with clients even more effective. 

As a result of our internal days, the 93digital team is ahead of the curve in WordPress, UX, SEO and more to optimise our services, save clients’ time and reduce costs. 

Find out what the team achieved on our May internal day. 


Plugins, plugins, plugins..

Ahmad built a login plugin so that it can be independent from the main theme, Ibon built a plugin to switch on and off admin items for users, and Mujeeb built a plugin to add sections to a WordPress site, such as events. 

These WordPress plugins make it even easier for our clients to interact with their site once it’s live. 

The development team uses Gutenberg editor to create modules for clients so they have control over their content. Some WordPress pages don’t enable this editor, but that’s where Vic comes in. Vic built a plugin to add Gutenberg editor page links to areas of WordPress that aren’t usually editable – that’s pretty impressive stuff Vic!

Andrew made a functional spec for components, as a “Knowledge Hub” for the development team. This ensures new people working on projects are able to pick up our ways of working much quicker.

Finally on the development team, Jafar started documentation for projects he’s worked on and Matt, our Lead Developer, assisted the team with plugins. 


Nicola led a UX workshop for the design team, and looked at how the different stages in the discovery phase of a website project can work with digital strategy

As well as their internal team training, Charlie worked on a content meeting deck and a design meeting deck, while Fenella reviewed continued to advance the usability questionnaire further.

Project managers 

Abi and Roz looked at how we can further use Teamwork in an efficient and automated way. This is useful for project management support at a higher level. 

Roz also worked on an exciting upcoming blog in conjunction with Contact about how to work with a good client stakeholder. 


Our 93x team are the digital strategists that support 93digital projects, by aligning them with SEO, PPC and other marketing strategies. The 93x team recently won best SEO campaign at the Global Agency Awards for their work with Kadence International.

Dan B worked on improving our link building process and further explored innovative ways on how we can use external links for successful SEO. Dan M created discovery templates so that the discovery phase of PPC is even further optimised.

It was our newest SEO strategist’s, Ronaldo first internal day, as such he dived into the key SEO tools we use, conducting reviews to ensure we’re always using the best tools for the job!

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