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Dialog – ProQuest


Building an enterprise ready website for a niche B2B content & software provider that’s part of ProQuest.

The Problem

Dialog Solutions is a B2B offering within ProQuest Corporate. It is fundamentally different, and there was a timely need to establish a unique, differentiated industry focused site that works for Dialog’s niche markets. Dialog’s website content was previously being lost within the main ProQuest site, and it was difficult to run marketing.

Dialog needed an enterprise level site to match their ambitions. This meant having more knowledge about their customers, so that they could create the right content to generate high-value B2B leads.

The Solution

Fit For The Enterprise

Key to the project was market positioning. Dialog wanted their site to firmly place themselves as a literature-monitoring leader, with high quality solutions in place—and establish that they are THE premium provider in this space. This meant a slick design was needed, yet was corporate and remained in line with group level branding.

Audience Definition

Dialog’s audience is very niche. Primary users are not the same ‘end users’ or consumers as the parent business, therefore a discovery period was needed to ascertain who these users really are, and the best ways in which to service them. We determined that this website would primarily interest 8 different buckets of user, and planned for this accordingly.

Marketing focused

As a new brand with a new identity and a complex offering, Dialog desired an educational & content-led, digital marketing focused website. With a completely different audience & value proposition, Dialog could not rely on its parent company to do the heavy lifting of acquiring customers. Dialog’s marketing strategy will use paid search, SEO, targeted automated funnel strategies, content engagement (webinars, white papers, products news etc) and intends on creating push and pull activities. In that sense, everything on this website was built and designed to generate new business leads.

Content, Content, Content

Dialog wanted the ability to have a variety of people in different roles the ability to publish content to the site. News, events, thought leadership, blog content and publicity wins, are all different types of content written from different departments. They needed a CMS that would allow the level of flexibility and control that WordPress allows, with no need to purchase extra licenses at additional cost.


93digital is proud as always to build sites that adhere to the level of accessibility standards that our clients require.

Notable Features

  • Discovery & Definition
  • Flexible CMS
  • Mobile responsive
  • Accessibility standards
  • In-site search functionality
  • Google Tag Manager implementation

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