Designing and building a strategic digital experience platform aligned with RapidMiner’s new brand positioning and product launch.


As an enterprise-ready data science platform, RapidMiner amplifies the collective impact of businesses’ people, expertise and data, giving their corporate customers a break-through competitive advantage. With a rejuvenated brand and a SaaS product launch on the horizon, they came to us wanting a new B2B website that would support their business strategy.

  • Client Rapidminer
  • Sector B2B Tech

The Challenge

RapidMiner’s previous website positioned them a leader in the EdTech space, but fell short of reflecting their status and ambitions as a leading enterprise data science platform. Ultimately, a lack of considered user experience and poor information architecture made the site difficult to navigate, and without clear calls-to-action it blocked opportunities for lead generation and sales opportunities. 

We kicked off the project in a race against the clock. RapidMiner’s new SaaS product and brand were ready to be rolled out so they needed a website that would relaunch their business into the market… and they needed it fast.

The Solution

Strategy & Discovery Workshops

To ensure RapidMiner’s website would enable long-term, strategic success, we began with a strategy and discovery phase that aligned project stakeholders and set clear objectives from the start. 

This strategic approach ensured that RapidMiner’s updated enterprise business positioning was clearly articulated across the new website.


SEO keyword research and content mapping

Our in-house digital marketing and SEO team conducted thorough research that would support RapidMiner’s on-site and technical SEO. They adopted a user-centric approach to informing website content and structure, to ensure it aligned with search intent and would deliver valuable content to relevant audiences. 


UX & Design 

A new product offering proved an exciting opportunity for our designers to completely rethink RapidMiner’s site architecture for a better user experience. 

The team at RapidMiner completed a UX and Design questionnaire so that we could better understand their users, competitors, sales process and website objectives. These responses enabled us to map the journeys of website users at different stages of the buyer journey to ensure the website architecture caters to their needs.

We designed site-wide decorative elements and floating navigation to complement RapidMiner’s imagery and to make a positive impact on users. This contributed to a compelling narrative, helping RapidMiner to stand out from the cluttered and competitive market in which they operate. This was balanced against the need for optimum site speed and functionality, to ensure a premium user experience.


Redirects to maintain site authority 

As a major player in the data science marketplace, we wanted to highlight RapidMiner’s thought leadership and existing resources with a full scale content hub. Their previous site had built up a good level of authority in their space so we redirected their old pages to their new pages to preserve this.  

Ultimately, RapidMiner’s new website is an inbound marketing engine that supports their overall business strategy of engaging enterprise B2B customers and promoting their new SaaS platform. Our approach puts their users first for easy navigation and reduced friction to increase conversions and sales.

Notable Features

  • Integrations with Hotjar and Marketo
  • SEO redirect mapping to maintain site authority
  • Wistia video integration
  • Resource hub
Rapidminer landing page

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