Oxford Economics

A strategic digital experience platform that empowers Oxford Economics’ marketing team through optimised UX, design, SEO and a flexible content management system: WordPress.


Oxford Economics is a B2B leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, with the content to prove it. Gated, open, recorded, written content; a large-scale, complex library that showcases their expertise.

  • Sector B2B Tech

The Challenge

Oxford Economics’ previous CMS restricted their marketing team. It was slow and inflexible. From a user’s perspective, their old website lacked clear navigation, the content lacked discoverability and overall the site failed to cater to early stage buyers and more generally the full marketing funnel.

They came to us to design and build a strategic digital platform that would…

– Account for users through the marketing funnel

– Pivot their website from being a storefront to demonstrating their thought leadership

– Empower their marketing team with a flexible and scalable content management system

The solution

Strategy, discovery and definition

In starting the project with a strategy, discovery and definition phase, we could ensure that Oxford Economics’ new website was built with users, business objectives and stakeholders front-of-mind. This phase included an in-depth SEO audit of Oxford Economics’ old site, through which we could identify missed opportunities for gaining high quality traffic via organic search.


We sought to gain an understanding of Oxford Economics’ vision for the look, feel and architecture of their site by conducting a thorough discovery phase that would inform its design and UX.

Questionnaires with key stakeholders revealed their brand identity, competitors and users so that, in alignment with design principles, we could design a site that was not only visually appealing, but enabled frictionless navigation for users and reflected Oxford Economics’ brand purpose.

Large-scale content migration to WordPress

We carried out a large-scale content migration that transferred complex content, such as webinars and forms, to Oxford Economics’ new site. Additionally, the site was divided into two sections – public and gated – requiring further consideration for the migration.

In integrating their new site with HubSpot, Oxford Economics can measure the success of their content in regards to its impact on wider business objectives.

In combination with our SEO enhancements, the Oxford Economics marketing team now feels empowered by WordPress, which offers an intuitive, flexible CMS that is integrated with their CRMs for full analytics capabilities. Their users now encounter clear navigation and discoverable content that is optimised for search, leading to a positive impact on conversions and business growth.

Notable Features

  • Large-scale resource hubs for both gated and public content
  • Complex content migration
  • Intuitive and flexible CMS
  • Integration with HubSpot
  • Creation of custom PHP functionality for MyOxford API feed
  • Implementation of custom RSS feed requirements

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