Designing & building a UX focused, SEO optimised, B2B lead generation engine that sits at the heart of Xpedition’s future growth.

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Xpedition’s mission is to guide customers on their digital transformation journey as leading technology consultants. Their future facing business strategy was not supported by their old website, with a need to improve the navigation, UX and look and feel to provide a better customer journey.

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The Challenge

The previous iteration of Xpedition’s website had myriad issues that were reducing the opportunity for a new visitor to become a lead and ultimately a customer.

It did not direct visitors through a clear navigational journey and calls to action were not employed effectively. Xpedition’s growth had led to new content and pages being worked into the site over time, causing a lack of focus and resulted in an overly complex site. These issues meant the site was not well optimised for conversion or high quality lead generation.

The site did not reflect new tech solutions or focus sectors, and was missing crucial SEO opportunities as a result.

From a technical point of view, the website CMS was difficult for the Xpedition team to use and slow to update.

The Solution

We started the project with a detailed strategy, discovery and definition phase involving all the relevant business stakeholders. This ensured that we could create an overarching strategy for the project, align stakeholders and affirm that the project could be delivered against its objectives.

Timelines were tight and immovable due to business needs for a brand relaunch. Despite this pressure on the team, 93digital delivered the project on time and within budget.

Discovery & strategy workshops

With a number of cross industry clients and personas who use the site, we began the design stage by focusing on clear user personas and customer journey mapping. This was followed by work on content, information architecture and improved site user journeys.

UX & Design

The 93digital team then focused on creating the UX wireframes for a refreshed design with a simple and intuitive experience. This improves clarity of user journeys, and helps the different user personas ‘discover’ more about Xpedition, supporting marketing, lead generation, sales enablement and talent acquisition.

As Xpediton is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and has a long heritage of working with Microsoft as well as wider product experience, we ensured that these indicators of trustworthiness and reliability were clearly visible throughout the website.

WordPress development

We built a powerful resource hub with advanced filtering functionality to allow users to access whitepapers, events, videos and other content, tailored across services and sectors.

The case studies library was separated out into its own section within the resource hub, to demonstrate the value of Xpedition’s delivery to existing customers.

CMS Flexibility

Xpedition wanted to embrace the flexibility & open source power of WordPress. As a result, we delivered a flexible CMS fit for future content publishing and digital marketing WordPress allowed us to develop Gutenberg ‘modules’ instead of building ‘templates’.

As a result, ‘modules’ of content can quickly & easily be used to piece together new pages as needed by the Xpedition team with no technical web knowledge, empowering them to publish content, launch campaigns and drive marketing results. We ensured that individual design elements within modules cannot be adjusted to ensure consistency and cohesiveness of the design.

The new website now operates as an inbound digital marketing machine. Created with Xpedition’s audience buyer journey in mind, it simplifies navigation, improves UX and reduces friction on the route through to conversions and sales.

Xpedition menu

Notable Features

  • ClickDimension forms
  • Bespoke Content Migration
  • Flexible CMS
  • Resource hub
  • SEO strategy built in
  • WP Engine hosting

We are very pleased with the new site. The look, feel and simplicity of it work really well. The site met the objectives we set out in discussion with the 93digital team during Discovery.

“I was really impressed with the speed of the turnaround; there was a lot of work and the team were so responsive to answering queries and meeting project milestones and deadlines. Our senior project manager Roz was great!”

“I’d work with 93digital again and we have continued to work with their sister agency 93x on SEO strategy and implementation.”

Ali Brown, Marketing Director, Xpedition

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