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Biennial Report

Creating an engaging digital Biennial Report for The Commonwealth Secretariat.

The Commonwealth is 53 Independent States and equal sovereign states, working to help each other and make the world a better place. Having delivered a number of projects for The Commonwealth Secretariat, we were delighted to be asked to create their first ever digital biennial report.

The biennial report is a comprehensive assessment of The Commonwealth's progress, attainments, challenges and plans for the future, which occurs every two years. For the first time this year, The Commonwealth Secretariat have taken their report digital, in preparation for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018.

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The Commonwealth works to promote democracy and social and economic development, around the Commonwealth. It's committed to helping women’s progress, working to abolish child marriage, prevent violence against women and supports them in leadership. The overall vision is to empower young people by giving them a voice in decision-making.

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The microsite version of the report is a more immersive and naturally engaging format for showcasing the positive impact of the work of The Commonwealth Secretariat.

By using this format, allows the option of taking a broad overview, or take a deep-dive into particular elements of The Commonwealth's work with graphics and videos that bring their results alive to engage wider audiences.

Digital Biennial Report
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The Commonwealth Secretariat's communication strategy is becoming more digital focused to reach wider audiences in new ways.

With global heads of state and important stakeholders using the site, well considered and cohesive UX was key to a successful communications platform.

Biennial report microsite
Patricia Scotland

Baroness Scotland

Secretary General

My 2018 Biennial Report on attainments and progress achieved in the preceding two years is being presented with something new: this companion website that tells the stories and introduces the people behind the results.

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