WordPress powers the fastest growing companies in the US

Author - Alex Price

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Date posted 20th Nov 2016

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New research by Nelio Software shows that 62% of the fastest growing companies in the US use WordPress to power their websites and get them fast growth results.

Being on the front line of delivering WordPress into the enterprise for our clients, we know just how much demand there is for high-quality WordPress expertise amongst some of the fastest growing companies in the world. However, the growth amongst the INC 5000 is still impressive. Nelio Software did the same survey in 2015, where 42% of the top 100 of the INC 5000 – in just one year that number has increased to 62%.

So what is behind the ongoing adoption of WordPress amongst fast growth businesses?

More than ever, marketers who after often the driving force behind rapid growth need flexible and easy to deploy solutions to help them achieve their goals. It allows them to constantly iterate, as  WordPress provides the framework for content marketing, SEO and individual campaigns that drives results and gives marketers the ability to prove ROI. On top of this, WordPress has evolved to the point that it can be delivered securely and at scale into the enterprise thanks to technological innovations, cutting-edge hosting infrastructure and high quality, optimised development practices. This combination of powerful marketing foundations and enterprise deliverability continues to drive the growth of WordPress – the CMS that now powers over 27% of the whole internet.

And whilst we’re on the topic of fast-growing companies, congratulations to our client Kantox who were named last week the 6th fastest growing UK tech company in Deloitte’s UK Technology Fast 50 awards. Read how we have helped Kantox achieve their goals here.

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