Digital strategy & multilingual WordPress web design & development for a global B2B FinTech


Digital strategy and a full top down design and WordPress build for venture backed B2B FinTech company Kantox.

  • Client Kantox
  • Sector B2B Tech

The Challenge

Kantox is a B2B currency exchange platform that has now enabled businesses to transfer over $3 billion of currency around the globe. Having raised €10 million in a Series B venture round in 2015, Kantox approached 93digital at the start of 2016 wanting to work with experts in web design for B2B tech companies.

They wanted expert WordPress knowledge that would deliver a security conscious and highly technical, strategic rethink of a complex site catering to multiple key user personas. The new site needed to provide the flexibility the marketing team needed to drive the exponential growth of Kantox.

The Solution

Kantox needed more than just a nice redesign. We began the project with a full analytics audit and detailed research into buyer personas. We then spent two days on the ground with the Kantox team in Barcelona, where we ran sessions with their marketing, analytics, content and technology teams to develop the user journeys, site architecture and content strategy required to get potential Kantox customers from website visitors to converted new customers.

Custom WordPress Development

Our unique modular approach to WordPress theme development means Kantox have a site that is fully flexible and extendable, whilst being easy to troubleshoot and maintain. Every content section on the site is built as a ‘module’ that the Kantox marketing team can redeploy. This gives the ability to create new content and generate landing pages for individual campaigns quickly, easily and through the WordPress dashboard.

HubSpot Integration

Kantox’s new WordPress website allows them to integrate their HubSpot CRM forms, downloads and marketing landing pages with the various buttons and calls to actions used across the site. Elsewhere on the site, some forms integrate directly with Salesforce.

New Kantox blog

Content is still king, and the new Kantox blog is designed to feel like a standalone FX magazine in itself. The site also hosts a series of other content marketing resources such as case studies and white papers.

Multilingual Capacity

Kantox is a global company, transferring money around the world. The new Kantox site is fully multilingual and all content can be managed through the WordPress Dashboard. Initially the site supports 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian) but the framework is in place to roll out additional languages when required.

API Integrations

Kantox had an existing API, originally developed for their Ruby on Rails based platform. We rebuilt a series of forms that connect through the Kantox API in PHP to enable them to integrate with the WordPress site. These include forms to create an account (with LinkedIn integration), request a call back and login to the site, as well as live currency rates and dynamic pages.

Notable Features

  • Salesforce Integration
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Custom API Integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Fully modular build
  • Content First
Kantox Multi device

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