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Delivering a highly functional new media centre securely and at scale for the world's largest human rights organisation

Amnesty International is the world's largest grassroots human rights organisation with over 7 million members. We were super excited when we won the opportunity to help spread Amnesty's work with the world by delivering a cutting edge new global media centre.

Amnesty International came to 93digital looking for experts to deliver WordPress securely and at scale whilst building a more user-friendly service for journalists all around the world to access resources and find out more about the important work Amnesty International do.

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Amnesty International is a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights. Their media centre is a hub of important, multimedia content distributed to journalists fighting the good fight all over the World, and to be quite frank, core functionality was not working as it should.

They came to us looking for WordPress experts to design and build a more user-friendly service, whilst guiding them on how they should best embrace the power of WordPress as a CMS.

Amnesty International Desktop
Amnesty International


Embracing the power and flexibility of open source software, we took a user-centric approach to what was needed and delivered some core and custom functionality, including:

- Multi-language capabilities including 'Right To Left' for Arabic

-Sign In Account functionality with a valid journalist verification system.

Amnesty International tablet


We also built or integrated:

-Bespoke email notifications system to notify journalists of specific stories, built using Vue.js

- Support for various multimedia formats, including the ability to download different content in different languges

- API integration with MailChimp

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