An educational & content-led site to support lengthy buyer journeys for a leading FinTech (acquired by Mitratech)

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Modernising the ClusterSeven site by introducing a fresh user experience and powerful, flexible marketing platform. ClusterSeven was acquired by Mitratech in January 2020 and the website is no longer live.

  • Client ClusterSeven
  • Sector B2B Services

The Challenge

ClusterSeven is a leader in spreadsheet and end-user computing management software. They were founded back in 2003 with the sole purpose of helping businesses gain better control and transparency over spreadsheet-dependant processes. As a result, they’re a FinTech business which needs to convey trust and expertise to a corporate customer-base.

Translating this into a new site would require powerful trust cues and a way to demonstrate authority within the market. To achieve these objectives, key points for a new site included a knowledge hub, case studies and a ‘try it for free’ lead generation page. We also helped update the site with modern marketing automation & CRM functionality to facilitate smarter and more efficient marketing.

The Solution

Authoritative Content that Works Hard

Introducing regular, SEO-rich content onto the ClusterSeven site was one of the main priorities. Demonstrating thought-leadership within the compliance, governance, risk and technology space required regular content that showed forward-thinking, technical skills.

A range of content was created for the new site, including case studies, knowledge resources, blog posts and videos. To add more value for the user, we made it easy to navigate content by type with a simple dropdown menu in the main navigation, a search tool and a filter on each page.

Marketing Automation with Pardot

It was important for ClusterSeven to be able to live by the same values of transparency and ease that they promote—this includes using technology to simplify processes like marketing. The site was integrated with Salesforce’s own B2B marketing automation software, Pardot.

The software allows ClusterSeven to easily link all marketing channels, effectively bringing their site functionality into line with modern practice. The software makes lead generation, email marketing and reporting more simple and comprehensive.

Freemium Lead Generator Tool

ClusterSeven wanted a solution to help promote their new cloud-based SaaS offering. To capture leads and generate interest, a Try-It-For-Free lead generation page was scoped in. The page is designed to act as a gateway tool, capturing information about the visitor while increasing awareness for the new product by offering a free sample. The aim was to inspire trust and uptake using simple, clean design and functionality.

Flexible Page Builder

ClusterSeven wanted to be able to create custom landing pages for various promotions to help drive uptake and engagement, as well as having a high level of control over their site and future content. In order to achieve this, we created backend functionality for flexible landing pages. By utilising ‘drag and drop’ content modules using our own Modular Development Framework, we were able to give ClusterSeven a simple way to independently pull together and manage pages and landing pages moving forwards.

Partner Portal

ClusterSeven required a login area for their partners. This needed to have different tiers with different levels of content access for each—our challenge was to create a system which facilitated this in a user-friendly way.

The outcome is a simple login page combined with backend functionality which splits partners out. We opted for green padlock icons to indicate which pieces of content were ‘unlocked’ and available to the user, to optimise clarity.

Engaging Design

One of the most compelling challenges within the ClusterSeven project was finding subtle ways to make the theme of spreadsheets feel more engaging.

The solution was to thread small, unique illustrations and animations throughout the site. We designed a new set of illustrated icons down the homepage menu and main menus. We also added small animations on the ‘discover’ and ‘inventory’ pages and an interactive world map which shows offices and partners worldwide.

Engaging design is key to success for our B2B technology web design projects.

Notable Features

  • Partner Portal
  • Pardot Integration
  • Freemium Lead-Gen Tool
  • Flexible Page Builder
  • Flexible Landing Pages
  • SEO Optimised
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