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A website build for a B2B technology company with strategic digital marketing and global growth at its core.

Learnosity is a Dublin-based EdTech software company with global aspirations. Founded in 2007, Learnosity has developed assessment-authoring tools used by digital education companies including Pearson and Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt.

Having raised a $18m private equity round in 2018, Learnosity approached 93digital ready to go global take on the World. What they needed next, was a plan to transform their website into a strategic marketing machine that delivers impact and drives growth.

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Performance Results

  • +18.90%

    Increase in new users

  • +12.17%

    Increase in page views

  • -4.11%

    Drop in bounce rate

Learnosity for site Strategy

Discovery & Definition

After discussions with internal stakeholders and an in depth discovery period, it was established that there were three main priorities in the redesign.

- An increase in number & quality of marketing qualified leads
- Better clarity of messaging & improved UX
- Greater flexibility to empower the growing marketing team

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Digital Strategy

We began the project with a full analytics audit and detailed research into buyer personas. We subsequently ran sessions with their marketing, content and technology teams to develop user journeys, site architecture and content strategy required to get potential Learnosity customers from website visitors to converted marketing qualified leads along a lengthy and complex B2B buyer journey.

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Our unique modular approach to WordPress theme development means Learnosity have a site that is fully flexible and extendable, whilst being easy to troubleshoot and maintain. Every content section on the site is built as a ‘module’ that the Learnosity marketing team can redeploy.

This empowers them to create new content and generate landing pages for individual campaigns quickly and easily through the WordPress dashboard.

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Due to the nature of their business (Learnosity build software for other companies in the education space), accessibility played a huge role during the project. All web design and development work was completed with reference to WCAG guidelines.

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Learnosity's new WordPress website allows them to integrate Pardot, their highly sophisticated marketing automation platform. This helps to capture data from lead forms, landing pages and gated content.

Elsewhere on the site, we integrated Intercom, a live-chat software.

Gavin Cooney, CEO Learnosity

Gavin Cooney

CEO, Learnosity

"We approached 93digital based on their ability to deliver WordPress into enterprise environments, and their prior strategic experience working with B2B technology companies. The brief was to deliver a strategic marketing focused website that would support our global growth plans.

They effectively delivered a new website in tight timelines that more clearly communicates our proposition, improved the overall user experience and has empowered our marketing team with the flexibility they need to be successful."

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