Top 4 WordPress Font Solutions

Author - Alex Price

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Date posted 4th May 2015

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Thankfully the World Wide Web is today full of beautiful typography.

Gone are the days of being restricted to ‘Web Safe Fonts’. Back in the day our design was limited and only included most ugly of designs – fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman and the design sacrilege that is Comic Sans.

So here we countdown the top four resources for beautiful typography for your WordPress website…

The Google Fonts API

The Google Fonts API is full of hundreds of font styles that grow day by day. For the majority this resource is the only font resource that they ever need use. If you want to make things easy for yourself then there is a super simple plugin in the form of WP Google Fonts.

The Use Any Font Plugin + Your own font

If you have sourced your own font from one of the many font websites that are out there then you’ll likely be glad of a plugin to make adding that font to your site super simple. Thankfully this comes in the form of The Use Any Font Plugin, which provides a one click solution for uploading your shiny new font ready for use.

The Typekit Fonts for WordPress Plugin

For this pretty wonderful plugin you’ll need an Adobe/Typekit account which will then provide you with access to the fonts that you have signed up to.

Font Awesome 4 Menus

Font Awesome icons are the perfect way of adding font based icons to your WordPress web design. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily add Font Awesome icons to your menu, allowing you to use a huge library of icons to help clarify exactly what your menu items are.

These five font resources are a fantastic addition to any WordPress website and are well worth consideration.

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