Why big business is turning to WordPress

Author - Alex Price

Posted By Alex Price Founder

Date posted 14th May 2015

Category Blog, WordPress


Nearly every one of our bigger new clients is looking to embrace WordPress from an existing CMS. But why?

The majority are stuck with big, old, clunky, bespoke content management systems that are have stopped working, don’t give them the flexibility they need and require them to pay large ongoing maintenance costs to whoever built them.

With WordPress, all of those drawbacks disappear.

WordPress is open source – it’s free and non proprietary, serviced and developed by thousands of developers all over the world. It makes multimedia super easy, has endless plugins to extend functionality, is extremely SEO friendly and is super easy to use.

The result is that we leave our clients with WordPress websites that do everything they need them to do and are super friendly to maintain, whilst being easily extendable in terms of functionality in the future.

Goodbye complicated, costly content management systems and hello WordPress.

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