WordPress Web Design Trends in 2015

Author - Alex Price

Posted By Alex Price Founder

Date posted 19th Apr 2015

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Want to know what’ll be hot to trot within the realm of WordPress web design this year? Wait no longer, the following five trends will become more and more apparent over the rest of 2015.

1. Looooooooong scrolling websites

The length of websites is becoming longer and longer, with a serious trend going towards one page scrolling, parallax style websites. This, it is argued, reduces the complexity of websites and allows for plenty of creativity when you’re dealing with the next web design trend. However, there are various consequences surrounding SEO when your whole is on one page.

2. Are you sitting comfortable?

Storytelling within web design has become increasingly popular over the last four or so years and it seems that in 2015 it’ll really come to the fore. This, when coupled with features such as long scrolling websites, can create some really rather impressive sites that capitalise on the best of graphic design.

3. Removing the image from large header backgrounds

For a good number of years websites have been home to full width static or sliding image backgrounds that fill the space above the fold. However now that this trend is so common place many have wanted something different, which is why full width images have been replaced by bold blocks of colour and large, beautiful typography.

4. Going for simplicity

The trend to remove unnecessary website elements continues and today websites are becoming increasingly sparse, leaving only the elements that are absolutely necessary behind. This has also seen the use of white space grow in popularity, which has the added benefit of focusing the eyes upon the imagery elements that do remain and making the content itself the focus of the site.

5. Custom photography

It’s no secret then choosing certain stock photography can potentially make for little more than a rather cheap looking website, after all, how many times have you seen that smiling stock image girl on the phone? We always encourage our clients to invest in their own photography sessions to truly add a touch of their own throughout a website.

These five design trends look set to continue throughout WordPress web design in the future and will become increasingly apparent as the year progresses.

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