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Date posted 10th May 2021

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As London begins its cautious emergence out of lockdown, on the last Friday of April, the 93digital team once again settled down for a remote internal training day.

Internal days are a chance for our designers, developers, project managers and digital strategists to hit “pause” on our client projects and focus on improving our own processes, build new plugins and further advance our ways of working. In the long run, this means that the 93digital team are always ahead of key innovations and developments taking place in the world of WordPress, Development, Design, PPC, SEO and more. Ultimately, ensuring we are always streamlined in our work, saving time on client projects and reducing costs.

Here’s what the team got up to on our April internal training and innovation day. 


The 93digital Design Team used the day to research and test the increasingly popular design collaboration tool, Figma. Charlie, Fenella and Nicola ended the day by presenting the findings to the wider 93digital team, highlighting the pros and cons of the software and its application. 

Screenshot from Figma website

Alongside this, our Digital Designer Fenella spent some time creating more design assets for FINITE Fest. FINITE Fest is the one day, global B2B tech trends conference run by the FINITE community, which in turn is supported by us, 93digital. On the 13th of May 32 leading B2B tech marketers came together for 12 sessions discussing SEO, website design, ABM, MOPs, content ROI and many other topics. To support the wider B2B tech marketing community and ensure everyone is brought together for a day of learning and insights FINITE Fest is free to attend for all.

The 93digital team also continued to create insightful content for our blog, with many sharing their expertise on the topics they are passionate about. Charlie finished a piece that articulated what UX is and what it means in relation to a website design and development project, while Fenella created a rundown of why your stock images are outdating your B2B website and shared strategies on how to change these. 

As well as supporting the design team throughout the day, our Head of UX and Design Nicola shared her knowledge regarding best practice around content, UX and web design in an article. Nicola’s article will bring the design perspective to website content, complimenting a piece from our Senior WordPress Developer Vic on “How do we approach content migration into WordPress” and “A guide: How to get your content ready for a website project” from our Senior Project Manager Roz. 

Digital Marketing Team

We are growing! The Digital Marketing team welcomed a new team member for his first internal day – Ricci. Ricci is our Digital Strategist and will be supporting clients over at 93x with B2B tech SEO, PPC, digital strategy, content and more. The 93x team also used the day to get ready for another new starter due to join us in a few weeks time – Ronaldo, who will be focused on SEO and working closely with Dan Butler on B2B SEO. 

As well as getting to know their newest team member Ricci, the team also worked on multilingual SEO, updated process documentation, and focused on creating an even closer alignment between SEO and PPC. 


With a move away from Stella and the official release of the new 93digital Luna theme version 1.0 this month, the 93digital developers focused on a deep dive into the Luna code, discussing the details of this new theme and going through key checklists. The team also focused on the impact and integration of Luna into future client projects. Alongside this, documentation was further updated to reflect some of the final tweaks to the Luna theme, which can be used as reference in the future for the growing 93digital team. 

The development team also once again, flexed their creative muscles when it comes to writing delivering fantastic gems of content, spanning third party form integration, Core Web Vitals FID, (to complement Andrew’s first and second take on CLS and LCP) WordPress multisite integration to go alongside our introduction to multisites, NitroPack, multilingual approach to WordPress, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for these in the coming weeks! Or check out more recent articles from the development team here

Lastly, on top of content writing and discussing the new Luna theme, some of the developers managed to squeeze in a little extra like testing a multilingual install, testing an instagram API, and developing a plugin that allows us to use the Gutenberg editor on taxonomy terms. 

Project Managers 

As alongside Ricci, we also welcomed Abi to the team who will be taking over from Ellie and joining Roz, Hollie, and Graham in the Project Management space – a very warm welcome Abi! As a result, the project management team used the day to get to know Abi a little more, while continuing to share our ways of working, tools and documentation, all forming a part of the broader onboarding journey.

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