Transforming the digital experience of a B2B technology consultancy to generate more marketing qualified leads



A new inbound lead generation focused website for Europe’s premier IBM consultants.

The Challenge

MACS are a collection of consultants who are experts in the implementation of IBM Technologies, and have worked with IBM for over 30 years. Dotted across Europe, MACS had websites based in the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands, with a further office in Germany.

After 5 years with the old design, MACS were ready to condense their 3 websites into one fully-functioning machine, with one new master template and a new push with regards to their marketing activities. Like many B2B technology and professional services companies, MACS were looking for their WordPress site to work harder for them, with the expectations of more engagement, better SEO visibility, a faster site, cleaner UX and resulting in more leads contacting them.

The Solution


We began the project with an intense period of discovery, taking time to research everything about MACS, what made them unique, what made their customers turn to them, and what they needed from their website. What resulted from that research was a clear roadmap to improve upon the current digital experience.

From a marketing perspective, it became clear that the metric must-haves were for:

– An increase traffic
– Increase in time spent on page
– Increase in number of pages visited per session
– Decrease the bounce rate
– Optimise SEO and speed

Ultimately all leading to the most important metric of all: an increase in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) generated through the site

Digital Experience Transformation

At 93digital, we truly believe in a UX and Content-first Approach. Having 3 seperate websites and CMS’s is not a good digital experience for the user, for Google or marketing teams trying to manage websites! Our solution involved merging the 3 sites into one global site, that can support translated content for local markets and still offer targeted SEO benefits in local markets.

This resulted in an easy to use and clear website that aligns the global offices cohesively. The design of the new site needs to offer a smooth and seamless user experience that guides the visitor through the site with focus and clarity, ultimately driving more conversions into MQLs.

Content First Approach

We know from extensive previous work in the B2B technology and consultancy sectors that B2B buyer journeys are lengthy, considered and complex and we need to offer content that can support a long buyer journey as customers move through the various stages. The new MACS site addresses these different stages of content need.

Custom-built Theme

Prior to their redesign, MACS were using an off the shelf WordPress template. Whilst there is nothing wrong with themes designed for the mass market for small businesses, they are not the right fit for scaling businesses serious about marketing. These themes can often be packed full of features that most sites don’t use, resulting in in a bloated website making it slower, offering poor SEO and a more difficult editing experience.

So we created a custom built WordPress theme that is designed unique specifically for MACS and built from scratch to provide a codebase that is lightweight, fast, flexible and scalable that will serve as strong foundations for MACS moving forwards.

Integrations with WordPress

MACS needed to be able to integrate their website with Salesforce CRM and the Campaign Monitor API. We are experts at integrating other marketing automation and CRM products with WordPress, so this was something we were able to advise on.

Fast & Scalable Hosting

Fast and scalable managed hosting was a technical imperative. Our working partnership with premium WordPress Digital Experience Platform, WP Engine, ensued that this was sorted for MACS.

Notable Features

  • Fast & scalable hosting
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Salesforce & Campaign Monitor Integrations
  • Custom-made lightweight, fast WordPress theme
  • SEO optimised for local audiences
  • Downloadable content
  • Global/multilingual site

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