Conversion focused website for global B2B events management software company Eventsforce.

The Problem

Eventsforce is a global software company, offering cloud-based event management software powering thousands of events worldwide.

After a previous website redesign in early 2015, the Eventsforce team were aware it was time for a refresh. Development best practice has evolved, and they wanted their site to be working as hard as it possible could be, taking into account user journeys, conversion point and a greater investment in content marketing.

This meant more of a focus on marketing qualified leads and a site that is optimised for SEO, using the most flexible CMS in the World: WordPress.

The Solution

Built For the Buyers

We like to begin our B2B technology & SaaS projects with a full website audit, questionnaires, kickoffs, competitor analysis, analytics audits and more, in what we refer to as a discovery & definition period.

Eventsforce had done some research of their own around the most common buyer journey’s and their key user personas, and we picked

SEO Optimised

Over the years, Eventsforce have invested a lot of time in making sure that their content was being seen in the search engines. One of their key stipulations was that the content on their site did not lose any rankings/performance within Google’s algorithms. We made sure we had a plan in place for maintaining and improving onsite/technical SEO.

A Conversion-led Approach

Despite it being the principal source of Inbound leads, Eventsforce felt like their website acted more as a sort of online catalogue rather than an ‘online lead generating machine’. On the previous site, CTA’s were minimal and unclear. We designed Eventsforce’s new Call To Actions with UX best practices considered.

Pardot Integration

Marketing automation is now a necessary pillar of marketing campaigns for our B2B clients with lengthy, considered and complex buyer journeys. Eventsforce use Pardot for their marketing automation so we designed call to actions and contact forms, styled the assets with Pardot and made sure all the tracking was properly integrated.

Resource Hub

Since their inception, Eventsforce have created a treasure trove of different content, designed to convert depending on your profile, such as product videos, white-papers, and a digital event ROI calculator, all designed to push potential prospects down the sales funnel. They wanted the resource hub to stand alone amongst other pages on the site, and it was designed with a longer dwell time in mind.

Notable Features

  • Strategic discovery & definition
  • Optimised for MQL generation
  • Resource/Content hub
  • Multilingual/localised UK & US site versions
  • Pardot integration

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