Why marketers should focus on UX to tackle SEO

Author - Alex Price

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Date posted 3rd Sep 2015

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Moz are pretty much the undisputed king of SEO insight. And their yearly expert consultation period has just cropped up with some pretty interesting predictions for the future of SEO. Namely these are that Google and every other search engine will begin to become increasingly focussed upon website’s mobile-friendliness, perceived value and readability as they decide what is and isn’t relevant for effective search results.

The majority of influential factors that are looking set to become more important in the future all can be said to revolve around user experience which is, after all, something that Google has indicated interest in previously. This has been evident within Google’s inclusion of page load times and social interactions within a website’s ranking.

Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness will continue to become ever more important, however just how Google implement changes surrounding mobile ready websites is anyone’s guess. Particularly as they appear to have split the voice-search algorithm to place far more emphasis on GPS ready search results.

Perceived value

The action of the user whilst upon a website represents the perceived value they have of the experience. Key metrics to pay more attention to for Google search ranking will be bounce rates, flow through behaviour and click through rates.


Readability can be said to link up with perceived value as an unreadable website results in poor usage data. As well as this however the structure of content and the share worthiness of such content will also be ever more influential factors upon ranking.

These factors are three elements you may be overlooking but could help make a big difference in your search ranking.

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