6 Reasons WordPress Should Power Your Website

Author - Alex Price

Posted By Alex Price Founder

Date posted 12th Sep 2015

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WordPress is now the most popular CMS in the world. Here’s 6 reasons why it should be powering your website…

1. Integrate and automate

A WordPress site can easily be configured to sit at the very heart of your marketing strategy – drive traffic, generate leads and close sales. From implementing advanced analytics, conversion tracking and goals to integrating with CRMs (such as Salesforce, Pardot, Zoho, Sugar & many more), your WordPress website can be the automatic engine powering your marketing and sales processes.

2. Use, manage and update with ease

For every one of our projects, the end goal is to leave our clients with a website that they can run entirely themselves – if they can’t, we’ve failed. Simply by logging in to your browser from anywhere in the world or even from a mobile, you can edit content, add posts and upload files. If you can use LinkedIn, you can manage a WordPress site. Simples.

3. Content, content, content

Content is king (you’ve no doubt heard this before) – it now drives the digital strategies of businesses and brands of every type and size. And WordPress is the perfect content marketing platform for publishing quality content. It’s naturally extremely well search engine optimised and is the perfect tool for managing a content marketing blog.

4. Embrace mobile

We now often see clients’ analytics account with over 50% of traffic coming from mobiles or tablets – having a well optimised mobile user experience is vital. In addition, we now know that being mobile friendly is considered within Google’s search algorithm – meaning being mobile optimised can improve SEO. WordPress offers the perfect framework to build a mobile responsive WordPress site.

5. Optimise

Google is a difficult beast – and getting to the top is harder than ever. Out of the box WordPress offers great SEO foundations – but working with an experienced WordPress agency you can get even more SEO juice from your WordPress site by making sure all the technical elements of the complex SEO jigsaw are perfectly put together.

6. Never walk alone

The WordPress community is enormous and ambitious. The platform has developed dramatically even just in the last few years and offers superior ease of use, a wider range of plugins and better SEO foundations than a competitor CMS such as Expression Engine, Joomla or Drupal. In fact WordPress now powers a staggering 24.2% of all websites! Support for WordPress is very well documented and members of the community will always be keen to answer questions.

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