What is it like working at a B2B website agency?

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Date posted 24th Feb 2022

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I’m very fortunate to be part of 93digital and embark on a journey into the world of B2B marketing. During the past four months as a marketing intern, I’ve realised there are so many unexpected and inspiring aspects of working at a digital agency. 

The best of them? 

The people.

If you want to know what it’s like working at 93digital, I’ve shared a few of my favourite learnings 🙂 

The team are motivated by exciting projects and friendly encouragement

93digital are constantly working with different clients, across a broad spectrum of B2B tech products and services. This proved highly motivating for me and the wider team, as each company has its own unique products and services, and we get to build digital platforms to suit their unique needs. It’s inspiring to be part of these exciting projects, which disrupt how B2B marketers think about websites, and encourage them to see how strategic website projects can help achieve business growth.  

Within the team, everyone’s efforts are recognised and congratulated. We have a dedicated Slack channel, ‘#cheers4peers’, to shout out everyone’s great achievements, and these regular encouragements create such a positive and rewarding working environment! My manager always gives me feedback on my work, which motivates me to perform at my best 🙂

Encouraging Slack channel

Being collaborative and working as a team

Even though we work from home most of the time, we are very collaborative. I could always see different Slack channels pinging, having discussions and lots of back and forth.

As for my team, the marketing team, we are always open-minded and listen to each other’s suggestions. We have tons of ideas, and we are not afraid to give comments. The way that we work not only benefits us as an individual but allows us to grow together.

In my opinion, working together in person isn’t the main factor of a successful collaboration. It’s about constant communication and listening to others.

New challenges every day

Like all workplaces, working at a fast-paced B2B agency has its own unique benefits. Michael from the SEO team said: “It’s a setting where you’ll be able to hone your craft, as well as always be learning about so many different and interesting industries and meeting so many people.” 

Furthermore, like all workplaces, B2B agencies pose their own challenges. Each client has their own objectives, and sometimes clients might expect that we know everything about their business. However, this is a common misconception. While we don’t know the ins and outs of every single business (it would be impossible!), we do know how to translate wide business objectives into high performing digital platforms. 

Along the way, there can be unexpected situations and contradicting stakeholder input, so we’ve become experts and communicating with clients and managing projects with fluidity and professionalism. The versatility required to resolve the challenges of a fast-paced digital agency helps us to learn, develop and deliver as individuals and as a team.

A friendly working environment

Personally, I felt very welcomed during my time at 93digital. The people here are friendly and supportive, and it’s been such a rewarding experience.

While a lot of us continue to work remotely from home,  the team is starting to come back to the office each week to catch up with each other and collaborate. I can feel the warmth and excitement every time we meet. Especially after work, we go out for dinner and have a laugh to celebrate the day.

It has been a wonderful experience being a part of 93digital. I’m very grateful to have the chance to meet everyone and broaden my horizon about B2B tech and marketing. I guess what I would miss the most is the people; such a welcoming and positive bunch who helped give me a great step forward in my career. 

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