Internal Day: February 2022

Author - Jodi Norris

Posted By Jodi Norris Community Marketing Manager

Date posted 28th Feb 2022

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Ever wondered how 93digital stays ahead of the game? How we define best practices, innovate our strategies and continuously enhance our skills to set us apart from the rest? Well, while it’s clear the team has oodles of natural talent, our internal days help us train up on new tech, implement better ways of working and perfect our processes. 

That’s why on the last Friday of each month, we hit pause on client projects to work on ourselves. 

Want to know what we did on our February internal day? Keep reading!


The designers took the development team through their design platform, Figma. Ensuring all teams are familiar with shared tools and tech makes for better cross-functional collaboration and understanding. Fenella and Frankie also worked on imagery for an exciting upcoming event! Stay tuned for more info… 

Project Managers

Joss wrote a blog post about how B2B marketers can prepare for a website project, while Roz worked on career progression for the project management team. Career progression is an important part of working at 93digital, as we aim to provide measurable, attainable and motivating roadmaps for the team, that set them up for long-term success. 


The developers mostly worked on our Luna theme, which is the starter WordPress theme we use as a starting point for our client projects. Building plugins for and refining the Luna theme makes future client projects more efficient. Matt had a meeting with the 93x team to introduce plugins, again so that teams are all aligned with tools and capabilities. Mujeeb wrote a blog post about why B2B websites require security – a topic he’s very passionate about and aims to relay to clients. 


93x is our in-house digital marketing team. On this month’s internal day, the team wrote educational blog posts on digital marketing, they familiarised themselves with 93digital plugins and prepared materials for future pitches. 

Vini looked into GDPR and analytics platforms to prepare for client projects, while Ricci did pipeline planning and prepared starter packs for a new digital strategist coming on board soon.

Dan M prepared checklists for future clients who need LinkedIn Ads services. Micheal wrote a blog about how to conduct a B2B SEO audit, while Ronaldo took a course to expand his knowledge on SEO. Dan B also joined the same course as Ronaldo and helped with an award entry to show off our great work. 

Another successful internal day at 93digital complete! 

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