Young Commonwealth

A creative, engaging and interactive WordPress site for The Commonwealth Secretariat

We were both flattered and honoured when The Commonwealth Secretariat invited us to submit a proposal for Young Commonwealth, and to eventually be chosen to be involved in telling such an important story for this internal use site. The story and history of The Commonwealth is fascinating, and for us to be able to bring it to life using WordPress in such an engaging way was great fun for the whole 93digital team.

Young Commonwealth is definitely not your average WordPress site. WordPress powers the content management system, but the site is unique in design, layout and interactivity. Fully mobile friendly and with animations used to help the story come to life for a young audience, the site is shared by teachers throughout schools across The Commonwealth. We went on to win an award at the W3 awards for our work on this project.

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WordPress Animations

Engaging Animation

Adding animations to facts and figures makes them fun to read and easier to remember than just static blocks of text that featured on the old Young Commonwealth site.

Responsive Web design iPad

Interactive Quiz

Our interactive quiz allows a younger audience to learn by doing, not just by reading. Children can test their knowledge in a fun and engaging way having explored the rest of the site and learned about The Commonwealth.

Creative Web Design

Innovative Information Architecture

The site uses two levels of information architecture to break down content to meet a wide ranging audience age. The demographic is young, but spans a wide range of learning capabilities. Normal site content is easily accessible for everyone, whilst our additional layer of 'Dig Deeper' content allows older students to learn in more depth.

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