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A flexible and modular platform that delivers an increased Conversion Rate for Kite - The Internet's Print Button

Kite is an advanced technology platform that empowers personalised e-commerce solutions for any size of company. They handle custom merchandise and photo print solutions for forward-thinking businesses around the world, enabling their customers to create & personalise over 1,000 different products.

After being purchased by Canon in 2017, Kite were ready to scale their marketing efforts so came to 93digital as B2B tech web design experts. They needed a new website that would sit at the heart of their growth strategy and they only had 12 weeks in which to complete it, whilst the site needed to be visual, interactive and dynamic.

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The multitude of potential buyer personas for the Kite product was complex and needed a variety of clearly defined user journeys.

First we built an understanding of exactly how different buyers would find Kite, and who needed what data. A developer signing in would need access to the Kite API whilst a small business owner, or a designer would want to dive straight into some of Kite’s other tools. Data also needed to be passed to multiple third parties. This was achieved through bespoke WordPress development.


As a company that prints custom products for other companies, the site had to emote, be visual, and most importantly, with a concentrated marketing push forthcoming, the site needed to optimise the current conversion rate (CRO). Add to that, an ambitious deadline of a hard launch of 12 weeks from project kick-off to completion, and our team was working in overdrive to collaborate, and get everything completed (with amends) on time.


Our unique modular approach to WordPress development means Kite have a WordPress site that is fully flexible and extendable, whilst being easy to troubleshoot and maintain. Content sections on the site are built as ‘modules’ that the Kite marketing team can rapidly redeploy. This gives the ability to create new content and generate landing pages for individual campaigns quickly and easily.


Key marketing technology integrations were implemented, such as Autopilot, Intercom, Segment Google Tag Manager and Salesforce, meaning that marketing automation was working hard for Kite from day 1 of the site launch.

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