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Date posted 17th Apr 2019

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WordPress security is near the top of the agenda of many of our clients, and a big reason our clients choose to work with us as Enterprise WordPress specialists. Cybersecurity has become an increasingly vital component of any company’s infrastructure, rather than a nice to have.

As companies as large as Yahoo, Marriott and Sony have been rocked in recent years, it’s become clear that most companies are more vulnerable to attacks than they previously thought (the Yahoo data breach, for example, wiped off $350 million off their sale price to Verizon). The World Economic Forum are even minded to declare cybersecurity as one of the Top 10 global risks we face in the World.

As businesses are now harvesting more of our personal data than ever before, cybersecurity breaches are incurring much larger consequences than before. In 2017, the average cost to enterprises and SMBs to repair security damage was $2M and $120K per incident, respectively (WP Engine).

So with all of this in mind, we are delighted to see that our preferred partners WP Engine have teamed up with Cloudfare the web performance and security company, to create Global Edge Security (GES), which offers enterprise-grade DDoS protection and a Web Application Firewall (WAF) with Cloudfare’s built-in expert rule sets to automatically protect you against new and emerging threats.

In a joint press release by both WP Engine and Cloudflare, they announced the intention that Global Edge Security will help:

  • Protect your business from cyber attacks
  • Keep hackers at bay with managed web application firewall
  • Protect your business assets with DDoS mitigation
  • Improve site performance with Cloudflare’s CDN

As a specialist WordPress Agency, we’re always glad to see new features that can help our enterprise clients with security. Global Edge Security is available for all WP Engine plan types. For more information on GES, we suggest you check out this product page.

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