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Date posted 11th Jul 2018

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Hi Alex, so you’ve recently begun working for exciting new plugin Logic Hop. Could you tell us what it is?

I’ve started working with Logic Hop, A content personalisation plug-in which aims to deliver more leads, more sales and more conversions.

So how does Logic Hop actually work?

Logic Hop provides game-changing content personalisation for WordPress. It allows you to get more leads, more sales, and better targeting. Think of when you go on Amazon and it recommends things based on your history, or on Netflix based on things you’ve previously watched for example, it brings that sort of enterprise level personalisation to WordPress and is very easy to use. Even though we have nominally just launched, It integrates with WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Drip and Convertkit.

How did you come to work with Logic Hop?

Mike the founder, made this all by himself with no co-founders, no help, and spent a year working on this. He had a couple of customers who he would make things for, and on an ad-hoc basis kind of built things because people asked for them. Mike subscribed to my newsletter and emailed me in December, said he had a project, we had a chat, I then did some strategy work for him to start with, he liked it and we went from there. I was very excited as a marketer to use something like this with my own marketing, it was an opportunity that I could not resist! My job at Ellipsis is to get the first 100 users and take it from there.

How does it compare to similar plugins like Bibblio for example?

Bibblio will do machine learning around recommended posts and is designed to engage the user purely with content. Logic Hop does that but also does it for your entire website. Imagine, say, you run an agency that sells WordPress solutions, and they run a lead-gen campaign that is, say, targeted at Fintech companies, you can use Logic Hop within that campaign combined with a UTM code, Logic Hop can use the data on your UTM code and totally change the content of your site based on that information, I.E transform the copy of your site specifically for FinTechs, or it can change just a little bit of your site, depending on what’s has been viewed/clicked on previously. It integrates with WooCommerce so that you can use it to sell more products much in the same way Amazon does.

Can you give me a little more about your different levels of subscription?

There are three price plans: 1.  The ‘Basic Plan’ beginning with $19 a month, this allows for 5,000 monthly visitors, 30 days of data storage, unlimited custom goals Geolocation (IP-Based) and email customer support. 2. The popular ‘Professional Plan’ at $49.99, allowing for 25,000 monthly visitors, 90 days of data storage, live customer support and google analytics add-on. The ‘Business Plan’ is $99 a month, allowing for 100,000 visitors, 1 year of data storage, WooCommerce add-on, Facebook Pixel add-on ConvertKit & Drip add-ons.

Thanks, Alex. We’ll definitely be trying this soon.


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