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Author - Alex Price

Posted By Alex Price Founder

Date posted 10th Apr 2016

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We’re good at what we do – but ultimately having happy clients is what allows 93digital to continue to prosper.

Joining the Recommended Agency Register has allowed us to gather feedback from clients confidentially, allowing them to honestly review the experience of working with us, as well as our services in WordPress web design and WordPress web development specifically.

And the results have been great – last week, thanks to the highly recommended ratings left by our clients, we officially became a RAR Recommended Agency – the only dedicated, WordPress-only digital agency to be RAR Recommended at time of writing.

Becoming RAR Recommended goes far beyond just having happy clients though. As the founder of 93digital, what it really demonstrates to me is that we have a team of talented, passionate and extremely hard working 93digital team members who continue to produce high quality work for our clients on a daily basis – and for this I only have our team to thank!


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