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Date posted 25th Jun 2018

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A real-life conversation, as we get to know our Digital Project Manager Darren a little bit better and find out where he gets his zest for life.

What is your role at 93digital?
Digital Project Manager

What does an average day for you look like?
I’ve never had an average day at 93d, which is exactly how I like it. My role requires lots of communication with clients and the team so most days start with checking various comms channels. When I get to the office, following the daily stand up you’ll find me testing the work that was completed the previous day and updating stakeholders on our progress. When I’m not testing I’ll be working with the teams and clients to pull together new ideas and approaches for projects which are on the horizon.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?
Managing the demands on my time and attention when working on multiple large scale and complex projects, many of which are breaking new ground with what’s possible using WordPress.

Any advice for those who want to do what you do?
Learn how to stay positive, focused and committed to getting to the finish line, no matter what your project throws at you! There’s always an upside to every down!

What future design and/or technology developments in the industry are you excited about?
Wow where do I start… I’ll confess to being a bit of a geek so there’s very little that doesn’t excite me where technology and our industry is concerned especially when an amazing new idea disrupts business as usual. Like David, I’m pretty excited for Gutenberg….

What are your passions/hobbies/interests?
Technology is number one, if something is electronic and looks cool or fun I’ll probably have owned, borrowed or broken it at some point. Next would have to be Formula 1, for as long as I can remember I’ve been following the highs and lows of my favourite team Ferrari. The only time that I go offline and can’t be reached is when I’m watching or attending a race.

What’s your favourite thing to read in print / online?
I’m a news junkie so Apple News is my current go-to destination whilst commuting. I’ve been trying the new ‘AI powered’ google news app. It’s good but the AI hasn’t got the message that I can’t stand football despite requesting ‘fewer stories’ more than 100 times… On the plus side, if this is where AI has progressed to, my concern about a terminator style robot uprising in the near future have evaporated. (proof of my answer to Q4 right there!)

Tell us a random fact about you…
I’m a drum n bass DJ! These days it’s just something cool to do when I have some spare time but in what feels like a previous life I regularly played out in clubs including Ministry of Sound, Koko, Bagleys (if anyone remembers that), Scala and SE1 to name a few.

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