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Date posted 16th Oct 2017

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David is one of our awesome backend WordPress developers, known for saying things how they are – a useful trait when you’re the one ultimately responsible for getting things done!

1. What is your role at 93digital?

I’m a backend WordPress developer.

2. What does an average day look like for you?

As a backend developer I’m responsible for making sure that the functionality within every website we build works as expected, so I spend most of my time writing PHP code. Alongside that I also review the technical scope documentation produced for projects and help to define how things should be built, such as whether to use custom post types, custom fields and so on. Ultimately, I am responsible for the logical structure of projects, performance and some elements of UX / UI when required.

3. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Making sure everything works! When so many people work on the same project there has to be someone who makes sure that, in the final stages, everything is going to work as expected. In order to do that I usually have to go back and talk with the designers, project managers and front-end developers to ensure there is nothing we have forgotten and everything makes sense when you put their work together.

4. What’s the one piece of software you couldn’t live without?

Git and Visual Code Studio. Git (a distributed version control system) is a must have in a development environment and truly makes our job easier as a development team. I also frequently use StackOverflow, a site for professional programmers to share their knowledge.

5. Any advice for someone who wants to become a developer?

If you want to become a developer you have to love development and coding. I know it sounds obvious, but there are so many components that you have to learn about and to do that you really need to be passionate about it. Attention to detail is also incredibly important, as well as having strong problem-solving skills.

6. What future technology developments in the industry are you excited about?

JavaScript; I know it is not a ‘future technology’, but I’m excited about the way JavaScript and JS frameworks will evolve both in and out of the web. Nowadays, it is even possible to develop games using JS and make them work natively in the browser; in my own time I created a platform game prototype which works only with HTML5 and JavaScript.

I am also excited about how the ‘internet of the things’ and VR (Virtual Reality) will impact the way we make websites; I really believe that they will have a big impact on the way we handle web development.

7. What are your passions/hobbies/interests?

I’m a developer both in work and outside of the office, so I love working on side projects (both web and gaming development) and writing code. Alongside that, I usually try to attend meetings and conferences about development (I will be at the Smashing Conference in Barcelona this month). I also enjoy gaming and playing basketball.

8. What’s your favourite thing to read in print / online?

Smashing Magazine. It’s a news site for web/app development and design. Their articles are both useful and inspiring.

9. Tell us a random fact about you…

I am a very honest person, but sometimes I am so honest that I usually have to think twice before I speak!

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