Video interview: marketers and their trusted partners

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Date posted 2nd May 2018

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During the recent SXSW Festival in Austin TX, Velocitize, a magazine focusing on the digital experience, spoke to a number of business leaders in media, advertising & marketing about cutting-edge technologies for deeper engagement with today’s consumer, including 93digital’s founder Alex.

From honest appraisals of the current state of trust between the public and institutions to the rise of ambient technologies, there were strong opinions & bold forecasts.

In one of the latest videos in Velocitize Talks, Alex gives his views on the state of brand marketers/agency relationships, and where he believes agencies such as 93digital bring added value to their clients, adding that the lines between marketing and technology are blurring to the point that they can now mean the same thing.

“Marketers are becoming technologists to adapt to the new needs of the trade, but there is still not enough training around how to design and manage a website. This knowledge gap leaves digital agencies room to add value to their client relationships. Very little is out there to support them.

“A big part of that role as an agency is to be that trusted partner and help our clients go through that process. We see our role as empowering our clients to do what they need to do,” Price told Velocitize. “We often find there’s a disparity between what marketing teams want and what the C-suite wants.”

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