Internal day: October 2021

Author - Jodi Norris

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Date posted 3rd Nov 2021

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Once again, the 93digital team took a break from client work on the last Friday of the month. On our October internal day, we worked on projects and embarked on training that will improve our processes and skills. In the long run, our internal days make B2B website projects smoother and more efficient, saving our client’s time and money. They also help us to stay ahead of B2B website design, development and digital marketing trends so that we can deliver leading work for clients. 

Want to know what the team achieved on our October internal day? Keep reading! 


The design team helped each other expand their skills with a knowledge exchange. Charlie shared what he’d learned from thorough research into mood boarding. Mood boarding helps clients visualise concepts and feel the emotions evoked by our website designs before we’ve built them. As part of his research, Charlie found a great article on the 7 motives to create mood boards here, which shows how they benefit clients. 


Our developers spent the day hard at work on plugins that will enhance future B2B website projects. Ahmad worked on a login plugin, Vic worked on a migration plugin and Mujeeb worked on a custom post type plugin. Mujeeb came up with a better way to implement the plugin by using a Design pattern called ‘Builder Pattern’.

Project managers 

Our project managers are an organised bunch. They have streamlined processes that achieve client’s objectives and reach deadlines on time, every time. However, there’s always room for improvement! On our October internal day, Joss looked at how we can further use Teamwork to centralise our projects. Abi looked at security to ensure client accounts are as protected as possible. 


The 93x team met each other in the office for some face to face introductions after such a long time of remote work in lockdown. Whilst there, they worked on their SEO, PPC and digital strategies to make sure they’re the best they can be for our influx of new clients. 


Dan B looked at link building tools we can use to enhance our SEO services. Hervé read up on content optimisations for SEO, and tools and best practices for improving user experience on a page in response to Google’s Core Web Vitals update. Ronaldo looked into schema pro plugins and schema markups in general. These are codes you can add to HTMLs which helps search engines present your content in a more detailed and accurate way. 


The PPC team had a LinkedIn Ads-themed day. Dan M reviewed his new and upcoming LinkedIn blogs, which help readers achieve their PPC goals through attribution and cost effectiveness. He also trained Luca on B2B lead generation through LinkedIn Ads, as well as different targeting tactics. 

Digital strategy 

Darren, our Head of Digital Strategy, built out a document that lists everything we do as an agency, how we do it and who does it. This will be beneficial for internal conversations around who to speak to about certain subjects. This is very important as we gain more and more client projects and grow our team! Vini looked at industry standards for Google Analytics audits and health checks as we look at the benefits of these offerings for clients. 


Olly, our Head of New Business and Marketing, worked on a case study that showcases one of our client success stories. He also wrote a new content piece about what B2B can learn from B2B website design, as we aim to stay ahead of trends and add innovation to our projects. 

We have a new marketing intern on the 93digital team, Vivian! Vivian familiarised herself with internal processes, including our podcast, which helps B2B marketers strengthen their careers and skill sets. 

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