Internal Day: March 2021

Author - Jodi Norris

Posted By Jodi Norris Community Marketing Manager

Date posted 1st Apr 2021

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As Friday 26th of March came around it was once again time for an internal training day. Internal days at 93digital happen once a month, and it’s where the whole team stops working on client projects and turn their focus to internal training and innovation. This allows the 93digital team to ensure that all our internal processes are as efficient as they can be, enabling us to save our clients time and money in the long-run. Below is a short round-up of what the teams achieved in a day.


Ahmad used the day to continue working on his bookmark plugin – where by the end Ahmad had finished updating the plugin to be object oriented. In the meantime, Andrew and Matt were working on the starter theme – Luna – merging together front and back end to ensure its production ready. Andrew also continued working on the react framework called next.js, which is a part of a headless CMS approach.

Ibon used the day to research and do some testing on the contact form plugins for the 93digital internal privacy committee on GDPR, finishing the day by having set up testing and armed with key ideas that Ibon will present back to the privacy committee at their next meeting.

Jafar worked on headless WordPress with GatsbyJS creating a headless WordPress blog site, by the end of the day Jafar presented his headless CMS which also uses the WP API. Mujeeb used the day to work on an Instagram API for multisite and single site use, exploring how this can be further optimised. 

Vic was working on the custom migration plugin to allow for import and export of content – by the end of the day, Vic had a plugin that was working for the export side and gave the 93digital team a short demo! 


Charlie used the internal day to work on a blog post looking at “What is UX design and what does it mean in a website design and development project?” Fenella was once again casting her design-eye on FINITE Fest, helping Sasha and Jodi to create digital assets that can be used to help promote the conference. Nicola spent the day creating and researching an article for the 93digital blog on how you can develop effective content for a B2B website – naturally, approaching the blog from a design angle.

Project Managers

93digital encourages all team members to take on continuous learning and development through online courses and conferences to ensure that the team is always at the forefront of key industry trends and practices. As part of this Hollie recently went through a digital management course, and so used the internal day to go through the key learnings and reflect on key trends picked up. Hollie then worked on internal templates.

Digital strategists 

Dan Butler used that day to finish his article exploring whether you should, or should not gate content for a successful B2B marketing strategy. The day also coincided with Brighton SEO conference, and some of our internal digital team including both Dans, Darren and Sasha, tuned in for some of the talks throughout the day. 

Dan M also used the day to write-up content, and focused on the scripts you need to use in Google ads as well as exploring further how ABM and PPC can work together to create a successful B2B tech marketing strategy. Darren used the day to edit, update and collate further some of the key templates and documents we use internally into a single document. 

Jodi used the day to create a cadence of social assets that will support the promotion of FINITE Fest in the coming weeks. As part of this, Jodi also created a press release that we could share with the B2B tech marketing community. 

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