3 ways to create a marketing strategy

Author - Alex Price

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Date posted 3rd Aug 2015

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All too often even the most experienced of marketers can get confused between a strategy and a series of tactics. So what’s the defining difference? Well the former presents a strong plan with stages that build upon one another and that focusses in on a sales funnel, whereas the latter represents a series of marketing tasks that could be used independently of one another and could be chronologically completely mixed up.

So let us look at the ways in which you can craft perfect strategies rather than adopting the less effective marketing tactics that are anything but.

Three solid steps towards strategy creation

1. Begin with your audience… And never forget them

Always keep your audience at the centre of all that you do. Never forget to consider them as you develop a strategy that moves them along an incremental sales funnel.

2. Consult, Converse and Build with your team

Your team are the most valuable asset that you have, so draw upon their thoughts and expertise. They may also provide plenty of perspectives and potential for innovation as you create new methods for marketing and driving and building upon you, or your client’s brand message.

3. Choose your tools wisely

Tools can be the difference between running off track and planning a series of marketing tasks, and building a strategy with elements that rely upon one another. For the former a boring spreadsheet would provide for unlinked events that run one after another with potentially no connection, whereas something such as a Trello Board can serve up team interactivity for events that can be developed, completed and edited in some seriously useful ways.

These tips should help you create, design and implement a winning strategy that will help your business flourish.

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