GutenBrain is a ground-breaking headset that uses a Brain Computer Interface & AI to control blocks and content within the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

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Gutenbrain | The only solution.

Unlock your mind.

Harness the power of your brain and realise your content creation aspirations. With GutenBrain, you can create content more quickly and more efficiently than previously thought.

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    8-hour battery life

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    Brain activated

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Using 93digital's patented technology, The 'BCI' (brain computer interface) monitors Electroencephalography (EEG) activity, and then converts the output into commands processed by GutenBrain.

Gutenbrain | The only solution.

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By signing up to the BETA you'll be sent the GutenBrain Starter Kit. This kit includes all the equipment needed to get up and running with GutenBrain.

Gutenbrain | The only solution.

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Be part of the future, today. Be one of the first people to experience a new, more accessible approach to WordPress content editing, that will change everything.

Gutenbrain | The only solution.

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