Vigo Communications

A modern & engaging redesign for leading strategic communications consultancy Vigo Communications.

Vigo Communications have led communications on transactions worth more than $20 billion over the last twenty years. Their old website was showing its age & lacking key functionality, so the goal was to bring everything up to date & implement new features on an up to date site.

They were therefore looking for a reliable partner with the expertise & experience to bring their vision to life - on time and on budget. Working closely with the team at Vigo, we ensured that their initial vision was combined with added creativity and functionality to align with their goals.

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The client’s old website struggled to clearly put across the range of services they offered and so a well-designed ‘Services’ page was a top priority. The simple grid-style layout, combined with eye-catching hover animations meant the large amount of content on this page was easy to access.

Social Content

Vigo wanted to move away from a standard blog format and take a more social media focused approach to their content. With this in mind, we redesigned their ‘News’ page to hero the company’s Twitter feed, whilst still retaining their archive of longer form content pieces for SEO purposes.


Vigo were keen to emphasise the personality of the company by featuring their team on the redesigned site. The company is growing fast so they need the flexibility to add new employees to the page on a regular basis, something which WordPress is perfect for.

WordPress 5.1

Why WordPress?

WordPress was Vigo’s first choice of platform as it simplified the process of creating regular new case studies & allowed any member of the team to perform page and post updates. As the Vigo team grows, adding and editing new team members and other related content is made easy through the CMS.

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