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Probation Institute

A modern membership portal for a professional home for all those involved in probation work.

Probation Institute website


A new website for the Probation Institute with advanced, custom WordPress functionality

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The Challenge

Established in 2014, the Probation Institute’s original website didn’t quite do what they needed. What they needed would push WordPress to its limits – think membership areas, payment gateways, forums, events & ticketing, knowledge hubs, voting & more. They needed a fully fledged membership website designing for their 1,200+ paying members.

Our solution was to carefully implement all of the required functionality into a new and mobile optimised WordPress site using a range of plugins as well as bespoke code. From an engineering perspective, the site is big and complicated, so we spent lots of time making sure all of the technology played nicely together.

The Solution

Members Area

The new site offers members an area to record their continuing professional development, take part in discussions, access files and manage their subscription in full. Users are more engaged, come back to the site more often, spend more time on the site and it is now easier for the Probation Institute team to regularly contact their members.

Members Analytics

The Probation Institute team can access reporting and analytics around new members as they join the Institute.

Custom Experience Log

As part of being a Probation Institute member, users have a custom built log of Continuing Professional Development where they can add new experiences, courses and qualifications within their account.

WordPress Forums

The site has fully fledged forum functionality, allowing users to take part in discussions with other members within protected, member-only network areas of the website.

Member Management

The Probation Institute administration team can gather a complete insight into the behaviour of each of their members – when they last logged in, what they accessed and all of their subscription and payment settings.

Job Boards

The Probation Institute website has become the go-to place for looking for jobs within the industry. Job board functionality allows jobs to be listed on the site and for applicants to apply to these jobs directly through the website or by email.

Notable Features

  • Members Area
  • Jobs Board
  • Custom Experience Log
  • Forums
Probation Institute website features

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