Oil & Gas UK

Proprietary CMS to WordPress conversion for a subsidiary of Oil & Gas UK

The representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry came to 93digital looking to move a legacy site that didn't work on mobiles from an old proprietary content management system to the open source goodness of WordPress.

We took out the old CMS and rebuilt the site on WordPress so that it looked exactly the same as before - as per the brief. The result? The new site is fully responsive across mobiles and tablets and now runs on WordPress, making it super easy to use for everyone involved.

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Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

It is always our goal to leave our clients with a site that they can manage easily and entirely on their own.

By integrating Advanced Custom Fields into the new WordPress build, the team supporting it can manage all the various elements in a future proof and logical way.

David Jeffree

Designer, Oil & Gas UK

Quite simply a superb team to work with, I will be using again for WordPress development without a doubt and would recommend contacting them if you are looking for WordPress developers in the London area.

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