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Nebula Consulting

Inbound Focused site for Salesforce Specialists

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An attractive and unique inbound marketing focused site for Nebula, specialist CRM & marketing automation consultants.

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The Challenge

Nebula are leading CRM and marketing technology consultants, specialising in working with Pardot and Salesforce technology. Nebula were looking for a new website that reflected their expertise, and their shift into specialised areas of the Salesforce ecosystem.

The new site needed to better reflect the proposition of the business as it continued to grow, along with the supporting marketing messages, whilst focusing on longer term lead generation through a WordPress and Pardot integration.

The Solution

A shift in messaging

The new website needed to better support an enhanced and developed proposition and service offering, whilst reflecting the values of the Nebula brand.

Quality over quantity

Nebula’s key website objectives were to make their website work smarter for them, not necessarily harder. This means they were looking for more quality marketing qualified leads.

Marketing Automation

We’re experts at integrating WordPress with marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot. As Nebula are leading Pardot consultants, we integrated their new WordPress site with Pardot for forms and landing pages.

Flexible & Modular CMS

Nebula wanted to future-proof the way they add content to their site moving forward. Our unique modular approach to WordPress development means Nebula have a WordPress site that is fully flexible and extendable, whilst being easy to troubleshoot and maintain. Content sections on the site are built as ‘modules’ that the Nebula marketing team can rapidly redeploy. This gives the ability to create new content quickly and easily.

Notable Features

  • Marketing Automation
  • Clear UX Focus
  • Future-proofed for any security issue

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