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Luckies of London

Turning creative concepts into uniquely sellable products

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Improving user experience, functionality and leads across global digital properties for B2B customers.

The Challenge

Luckies of London have been developing creative concepts into uniquely sellable products since 2005. Originally founded by Jim Cox, Luckies now has a team of over 30 creative minds, committed to designing, producing and selling the world’s most innovative gift products. Luckies wanted to focus on improving brand recognition and customer acquisition across their B2B digital estate.

The tone and style of the site needed to put the cool, unique aspect of the gifts centre stage, delivered with a softer marketing message that was reflective of the Luckies creative set-up. To complement this, the new site design needed to be user-friendly, have a more streamlined checkout process with WooCommerce and the ability to be rolled out across multiple countries.

The Solution

Product Showcase

Luckies’ range of unique, innovative gifts are the heart and soul of the business. Despite this, the original homepage didn’t explore or showcase the products very extensively. As part of the functionality redesign, we introduced a filtering system on the homepage that enables users to search and browse via filters like ‘bestsellers’, ‘latest’ and alphabetically.

Commerce Focus

The existing ‘become a stockist’ registration page needed to be optimised for better UX and more targeted messaging to help increase conversions. To do this, we simplified the form to just one page and added messaging that aimed to increase confidence.

The site makes use of a customised B2B WooCommerce user journey that passes order information to the Luckies accounts team to follow up with, whilst users need to request an account and can only view product and cost details once granted access.

Focus on Great Design

The products at Luckies are designed and made by a small group of in-house designers. This unique selling point had become lost on their original site and needed to be brought back to the forefront for the re-design.

To achieve a tighter focus on design and crafting, we pulled more design-led imagery onto the homepage sliders and honed the focus on the ‘About us’ page to tell the brand’s unique story. This was a key move to help enhance brand recognition within the marketplace and to attract the new customers that Luckies were targeting.

Going Global

Luckies have strong markets in both the US and the UK, with some products only being visible on the UK site and some being exclusive to the US.

We have implemented language and localisation support in order to help customers find the right site and shop under the correct currency.

Notable Features

  • Bespoke Search functionality
  • WooCommerce
  • UX Focus
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