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Building a site for the Alternative Investment Conference



An interactive, secure, and functional site for the world’s largest student conference on Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital

The Challenge

LSE SU came to us looking for a dynamic refresh of their out dated event site that was limiting the conversion rate of event registrations. They also wanted to move away from their basic proprietary CMS, and embrace the world’s most popular, flexible and easy to use content management system – WordPress.

With a challenging bespoke event registration journey, ecommerce integration and a variety of immersive and interactive design elements, the project was a fun challenge for our development team. Meanwhile our designers focused on making the website optimised for the different audiences using the site – including attendees, advertisers and sponsors.

The Solution

User Experience

The user experience of the site has been carefully tailored for a range of different audiences, whilst creating an immersive feel through the use of video and other dynamic, animated design features.

We had to consider the buyer journey for a student looking to attend the conference, but also make sure that advertisers and potential sponsors have accessible information and are fairly represented on the site.

Getting Social

Social media is a big part of any event, and so it was important the site gives visitors the ability to engage with the conference.

We designed clear, customised social streams for the site that allow the international audience to the site to keep in touch with the conference, both in the run-up and during it taking place.

Technical WordPress Integrations

The buyer journey for a conference attendee was complex and needed a variety of integrations.

First, we built an understanding of exactly how attendees needed to register, and who needed what data. The conference team needed to be able to approve applicants to the conference on a case by case basis, before allowing them to purchase a ticket. Data also needed to be passed into multiple third parties. This was achieved through bespoke WordPress development.

What Our Clients Say

The Team at 93digital were always extremely helpful and understanding of our needs, and after previous difficulties with other web-design agencies their reliability was particularly appreciated by our team. However above all, they created a truly great product at a very fair price. They are undoubtedly the best web designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build or improve their website.

Bhim Singh – Chairman,, LSE Alternative Investment Conference

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