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UX focused redesign and build of a high functional streaming and membership site for leading eSports TV channel

GINX Esports TV is the first and largest esports TV network and comes from a collaboration between Sky and ITV. Available in 55+ million homes, across more than 50 territories in 10 languages, GINX Esports TV aims to extend the reach of esports into mainstream sports audiences. Ginx approached 93digital looking for help in achieving their business objectives.

The previous GINX website was out of date, content was difficult to manage and there were too many plugins embedded, making the site clunky and slow. This, in turn, meant that there were issues signing up either for membership or for a free trial, A real business issue which was affecting the platform and needed solving.

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There was a need for some tech refinement. Too many plugins were doing too many different things, making the website speed slow and UX clunky.

The editorial team were using a notoriously difficult and inflexible page builder when regularly adding content via their CMS. In addition to this, with a burgeoning eSport market in France, GINX wanted to capitalise on this growing sport by enabling support for multiple languages.

Ginx Desktop
Ginx shows


GINX is a TV station channel, and with that comes a varied and differing show schedule to keep viewers and subscribers entertained.

To keep the page speed fast and the experience smooth, 93digital custom built a TV schedule function that consumes TV listings data and automatically outputs it into a presentable format on the site. It's as fancy as it sounds.

Ginx Mobile


The new GINX digital platform demanded lots of functionality, features & integrations with a stack of modern technology, including:

• Payment gateways - integrating with Paid Memberships Pro, GINX subscribers can now subscribe via both Stripe & PayPal.
• Multi-language capabilities.
• Email integration with MailChimp.

Ginx Laptop
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