A complex WooCommerce build for London's leading air conditioning company.

We took The Air Conditioning Company's new website designs and brought them to life in a complex and extendable WordPress ecommerce site that uses innovative modules to allow easy creation of new content.

Built using WooCommerce, the site features a series of bespoke customisations and interactive touches to help convert visitors into customers, whilst integrating with WorldPay and PayPal.

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WordPress woocommerce

Pricing Calculators

Complex and custom built pricing calculators allow potential customers to get a transparent indication of costs before ordering from The Air Conditioning Company.



The new site is built using WooCommerce, the most popular and advanced WordPress ecommerce solution on the market, allowing the team complete control over all their products and orders.

Custom woocommerce site

Bespoke WooCommerce Customisation

We carried out advanced customisation to the WooCommerce plugin, allowing the site to support both purchase and hire products, provide multiple purchase variables and a custom checkout process.

Bespoke WordPress development

Modular Page Builder

The Airconco site is built with ultimate flexibility in mind. We built an innovative page builder that allows the team to repeatedly reuse modules, allowing them to easily create custom layouts for new pages without the need for custom code.

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